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Event: March 14, 2024
Washington, DC

Aviation Week Network’s
20 Twenties Program

The 20 Twenties Program was established in 2013 to recognize talented individuals on course to change the face of the aviation, aerospace and defense industry.  

Every year, Aviation Week Network inducts 20 of the brightest, most driven aerospace-bound STEM students in their 20s into the 20 Twenties program.  

To date, this prestigious awards program has received a total of 635 nominations from exceptional students worldwide earning university STEM degrees. And 180 of them have been recognized as 20 Twenties winners.

20 Twenties Class of 2025 Nominations will open on
April 1, 2024

Who are the 20 Twenties? 

Each year prominent universities nominate their top students who are currently enrolled in a bachelor's or master’s degree program in STEM for the 20 Twenties program to recognize and cultivate the next generation of aviation, aerospace and defense leaders.   

Why is the program so important?

The program brings together technology hiring managers, students, and faculty worldwide to recognize what’s needed for business and academic growth and success. The students begin building a network comprised of the technical experts who have built the industry, the universities gain visibility for high-quality education provided to the students, and hiring managers gain knowledge about the best of the best in the next generation of aerospace talent.

Recognition & Awards Ceremony

The 20 students chosen for the 20 Twenties Awards, Class of 2024 will be honored at a Luncheon and celebrated at the Aviation Week Network’s annual Laureates Awards and Banquet on March 14, 2024, in Washington, DC. In addition, all winners and their universities will be highlighted in Aviation Week & Space Technology and will receive a free digital subscription to the magazine.

A focus on women and diversity in aviation, aerospace and defense

Aviation Week Network has learned from past nominees and winners about their passion for closing the gender gap in STEM and making education more accessible. Some have spent countless hours on outreach efforts to draw more women to aviation, aerospace and defense. Others have focused on increasing racial and economic diversity within STEM, both through involvement in campus organizations and work in their communities.

Aviation Week Network continually strives to increase the diversity amongst its nominees and winners of the 20 Twenties awards. We’ve done that by focusing on creating a more diverse team of evaluators and by updating the application to include the challenges and obstacles it has taken for nominees to reach their goals.