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Nominations Open: April 1, 2024
Nominations Close: October 13, 2024

2024 Winners

Aviation Week Network has searched the globe for undergraduate or master’s degree students working to solve challenges within the aviation, aerospace, and defense industries. A judging panel composed of hiring managers and engineers evaluated and scored nominees based on academic performance, civic contribution, personal challenges, and the value of each student’s research or design project.

Aviation Week Network has discovered 20 students who embody these traits and are on a course to change the future of aviation, aerospace, and defense. Nominated by their universities, the honorees were selected from an international field of highly qualified students. The class of 2024 was top ranked in academics, has articulated the value of their research and design projects, already dealt with personal struggles, and has an established record of giving back to their communities.

The 20 Twenties program is expanding and gaining traction among colleges and universities with aviation, aerospace & defense, and STEM programs, and this year’s program has delivered the greatest number of qualified nominations to date: 100 nominees from 48 different colleges and universities representing thirteen countrieswith an equal number of women to men with highly diverse cultural and demographic backgrounds. Everyone represented the future of aviation, aerospace, and defense.

20 Twenties Class of 2024

Ahmed Ashry,
University of Maryland 

Kruti Bhingradiya, 
University of Maryland  

Gabriela Gavilánez Gallardo,
Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University 

Sydney Giannuzzi,
University of Central Florida 

Grace Kim,
Harvard University 

George Lewis Lamb,
Technical University of Munich 

Connor Lazzaro,
Purdue University 

Mallika Misra,
Georgia Institute of Technology 

Suraiya Nawaz, 
Vaughn College of Aeronautics and Technology 

Sophia Papp,
University of Michigan 

Maria Reitz,
University of Michigan

Madelyne Rossmann,
University of Maryland

Amrita Singh,
University of Colorado Boulder 

Nick Tran,
University of Michigan 

David Dezell Turner,
University of Colorado Boulder 

Eszter Anna Varga, 
Virginia Tech

José Luiz Vargas de Mendonça,
University of Michigan

Lucy Waite,
Virginia Tech 

Matthew Werneken,
Columbia University

Joseph Westermeyer,
University of Alabama